WiSH Energy can help its customers transform from energy consumers to producer-consumers (‘prosumers’) of renewable energy capable of meeting captive requirements.


WiSH Energy (erstwhile Luminous Renewable Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd), is one of the Top 5 manufacturers in the Micro Wind Turbine market. During its history of nearly 30 years, over 30,000 of WiSH Energy's line of Whisper & WindiStar turbines have been installed worldwide, providing continuous energy at relatively lower operating costs. WiSH Energy provides comprehensive solutions from site assessment and feasibility studies, to final project implementation, giving customers hassle-free energy independence through renewable energy.


Our Mantra


WiSH Energy's vision is to transform every consumer into a prosumer at an affordable cost. Integrating wind & solar, which are inherently complementary in nature, helps provide a steady supply of clean energy in an efficient and reliable manner for use in various distributed applications. WiSH Energy's systems are modular and adaptable for deployment within customer premises in urban or remote locations. WiSH Energy's systems generate renewable energy which can be configured for local use or to be fed to the utility grid.